9:40 AM

earlier this month we traveled to Oman. 
our community spent time with another community. 
spurring each other on. 

 So let’s do it—
full of belief, 
confident that we’re presentable 
inside and out. 
Let’s keep a firm grip on 
the promises that keep us going. 
He always keeps his word.
 Let’s see how inventive we can be 
in encouraging love and helping out, 
not avoiding worshiping together 
as some do but spurring each other on.

this is our south african oman family. they're something special. 


9:10 AM

we experienced our first national + liberation day in Kuwait. 
his dreams came true getting to wear a dishdasha. (+gahfiya + gutra+ ogal) 

10:04 AM

the first few weeks of the year have flown by. 
march tomorrow! 

we brought in the new year with our close friends 
and with it the resolution to have more discipline.
i think our goal is to know and to have full and healthy life

in january, i joined a friend in doing a whole30 challenge. 
-dairy -legumes -grains -sugars(except natural ones in fruit)= meat + a whole lot of color. 

it was a lot more fulfilling than i expected. this girl LOVES pasta+cheese+bread+brownies before baked+ peanut butter. i could eat fettuccine alfredo, evvverrry day. 
but i did the whole30, and it felt really good. 
february started off right and i wouldn't say it has gone wrong, 
i just decided to eat cheesecake+bread+a the perfect side of fettuccine. 
i think my goal is to eat whole foods. and to choose what works with my body. 
with a "treat" here and there. 

i've also invited jillian and running/walking/ralking/spralking back into my life. 
clear days by the sea side help. 
sandy days, not so much. 


we know as a couple that we can not make decisions based solely on the way we feel. emotions are wavering. i think we are learning that while they waver, the feelings we have are important still to process. 
to be honest, i thought we would drive each other out of this tiny apartment. 
but so much security is found when you make room for freedom. for the other to be. 
when you choose to love them when there are 100 reasons to love them.
and when you choose them when there are countless reasons not to.

our first six months were a huge transition. every part of our minds were occupied. 
new country. new culture. new job. new community. new life. 
i think we have grown the most in intellect by asking questions. 
by learning from those around us. 

we have been reading from this b i b l e in a year map every morning. the old testament can be quite confusing. but the old testament is a lot better than (letting myself stress out over) the traffic in k-town. conclusion: just keep reading. 
we're growing in this area in more ways than i think we are aware of. 
we know that He is good. we're learning to love Him boldly and purely. 

december in k-town.

12:28 PM

i was really sick for a few days. 5ivs + lots of love. 
the ladies know how to party...

last day of school. christmas praise break. 

family in town means the souk. 
christmas eve dinner

christmas day goodness. 

mexican food in k-town. a reason to rejoice. 
this girl right here is my sister. 

and finally a car!

this month has been full and lovely. 
our hearts ache for home, for family. 
and yet they find home and family here too. 
friends become sisters and brothers. 

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