bullet point highlights continued.

2:15 AM

i'll pick up where we left off.  

september 2016
baby announced
j goes to India. 
full-time instructor 
music teacher life; 517 littles (and some as tall as me) 

october 2016
baby shower numero uno 
meeting mccandman 
gbyes to besties 
ethiopia here
dates with baby-daddy 

november 2016
celebrating FOUR 
baby BOY
majnoon qahwa 

december 2016
more gbyes to besties
california christmas perfection 
bestie wedding 

and here we are, 
january 2016 
souk date
little hands loving baby j. 
and j back in India, daddy mooning ;)

the last few months have been full of
low lows;
many of our nearest and dearest have left k-town. 
transition, transition, transition
the hard parts of being far; save the dates, missed moments
and the highest of highs;
learning to love deeper and purer and fuller
the rich joy of growing our babe
and feeling his kicks and punches 
the hope of our future family of 3(+the more to come later on) 
the planning, and dreaming, and living it out together 
grace on grace on grace

&i'll leave you with a song that has been playing on repeat the last month or so. 

so put me on your wheel now & spin me around, spin me around 
place me in your flame now, until you see through me, and i'm ready to come out

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