one year. (bullet point edition)

6:40 AM

almost a year. oops

the year of busy.

september 2015.
back to school
intro: tutor
intro: auk adjunct
meet the *robots

october 2015.
double baby shower
plant souk
souk obsessions
-meet parissa

november 2015.
baby boy mob
three years...
auk dinner #1
sports day gold
thanksgiving dinner
friday market on repeat

december 2015.
birthday fiesta
dubai for one j
christmas eve party

january 201
new years party
plant souk on repeat

february 2016.
desert nights
parent teach conferences

national day
more kites

march 2016.
birthday bash
secret souq glory
spring break-first family visit

april 2016.
best field trip ever
pool days on repeat
hosting on repeat.

may 2016.
award ceremonies
auk job offer-finally 
hosting on repeat.

june 2016.
new home.
americaaa (for one j)
disclaimer: two weeks is just not enough.
summer job (for the other)

july 2016.
120 degree weather. on repeat.

august 2016.
new things.
LATE paycheques.  &waiting

(insert a whole lot of grace. lots of prayers. lots of dreaming. lots of hope. lots of good ol' fashion jesus.)

this last year has been incredibly BUSY.
lots of 12 hour work days.  (we payed off a lot of our debt, and yet still have a lot to go.)
lots of waiting.
lots of weekend napping.
lots of precious moments with friends.
lots of sweat.
lots of cheese.
we still love k-town.
we still have friends.
we landed the jobs we wanted for this next year.
we rented the house we wanted for the next few.
we made it.
we're making it.
we're ready for what's ahead!

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