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I should have written months ago. about our time in Armenia. about my first birthday in Kuwait back in April. about the last real month of school in May. about our move from a tiny house to our safe palace on the beach. but here we are in June with 12 days before we fly home for a summer of reunions and inshallah rest. the lack of our presence here certainly does not reflect in the fullness of life the last few months.

in short our trip to armenia was a beautiful and cold one. in a good way it made us happy k-town is our home. that our family here is ours. we also learned that there are many different paths open to us. so so so many hungry hearts. so much darkness to shine on. so many desperately in need of love extended.

turning 27 wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. we were certain we would have at least one little one by now. school debt has gotten in the way. but we’re coming to terms with the fact that unless a miracle comes it’s a mountain we can choose to face. it’s a funny thing feeling young and old at once. when people say I’m not old I want to pinch them. i am the oldest version of myself yet… so I can be old to me. just let me be! i also think of all that has happened so quickly. i might not have babies. but i have loved and mother at least 20 little ones. i have a master’s degree and a tesol certificate and a year of teaching under my belt. i live in the ME! i have shared and am sharing life with SO MANY PEOPLE. life hasn’t always been easy or what I planned but it has certainly been made good.

my first birthday here was the richest I’ve had yet. not only because of the dear ones I was tangibly able to celebrate. but because of the love and peace and hope I felt extending from everywhere.

moving from our tiny house to our safe palace has been one of our greatest physical gifts this year. we are sharing our new home with my best here. and with our raises and stipends not paying 1 penny (or fill) more. we can walk to the sea. or to the village. it is safe. it is entirely beautiful. it is a really really good thing. Bonus? the guest bedroom. COME VISIT!

and now I’m sitting in an empty classroom. a classroom where I made memories as my first year teaching little ones. is the year already gone? so many lessons. a few tears shed. a lot of sweat. a lot of hugs. a lot of….”MS! MS!” a whole lot of “GINA!”’s buckets and hearts were filled. head aches and tummy aches and heart aches healed. life was spoken. courage poured out. kids who said they couldn’t and wouldn’t thriving. small and big leaps taken. so much reward. 19 little smiling faces with some much hope and promise.


and in 12 days we will be walking off an airplane onto the soil of my homeland. hugging and kissing too many faces to count. into a summer full of space to remember, rich with promise and hope and joy and love.

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