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kuwaiti wedding
school carnival 

his birthday 



these were the big moments that made up march 2015. and within the big ones, smaller ones that mean everything. 

when we felt homesick for kuwait. when we were sure of our community and the way we live life. 
when i felt braver than i've felt before. like nothing can stand between me and the miracles. 
when we felt at home in a south african palace. 
when i went to the equivalent of kuwaiji grammys. and saw life under the veil. when others were shocked i didn't know arabic. 
when i jumped in the bounce house with my girls. 
when i dreamt about my students. about the little boy who hasn't made a sound since his first day of first grade. where i prayed and declared and found victory in my dreams. and woke up the next day, to find them coming true. 
when i saw the joy on a mothers face. seeing and knowing victory. tasting belovedness.
when words came after the steps of faith. and spoke life just the same. 
when we sat around a table with people who love us and who celebrated the boy i love the most. 
when i ate fettuccine while every else ate salad, and felt okay with it. 
when we trusted for favour and found it. 
when his interview last 1.5 hours. and meant getting to work at both places. 
when a group of youngins, like us, came and danced and laughed and healed. 
when i felt safe in their prayers and embrace. 
when i chose to make a sacrifice. and was rewarded with peace and hope for the future. 
when we traveled to a place that makes up a fifth of who i am. 
when we heard armenian, english, norwegian, portuguese, and russian all spoken under one roof. 
when we missed our homes like crazy. 

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