12:26 PM

last week i forced myself to stay in bed until 9am. vacay + rest is beautiful. 
but it really makes waking up at 430 impossible. 
and yet, it's 10:11 on a tuesday and i'm not sleeping? 
since our mode of transportation ended the week before eid we've started carpooling.
we leave at 5:30. 
i am so sleepy every minute of every day of this week.
but despite it, every morning i get this new strength when i see my littles. 
when i arrived after their arabic class today they greeted me with hugs and laughter.
i get to love on these kids. 
even if that means half my class loses recess. 
spare the discipline punish thy self. or something like that. 
everyday we talk about being world changers. how learning is in every part of being.
it is so fun pouring courage into them. 
it is also really exhausting. :)
tonight we had a b i b l e study with some teachers from our school. 
it's encouraging to be surrounded by like-hearted people. 
we talked about loving our neighbors. loving all peoples. 
and in order for me to do that fully, i must sleep.

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