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yesterday marked four years of dating. this next month will mark two years of marriage. while we did talk of marriage on our first official date, three years after being best friends, i couldn't have told you, even imagined, that we'd be spending our days in the ME. but here we are, and i am so happy.

living overseas is a wild and calm lifestyle. this article sums it up pretty well.

we have been in the ME for 49 solid days. we have been working for 7 weeks, teaching for 4. this week many muslims will be celebrating eid which means a week off from work for us! yippeee! we also got our first paycheck which makes life a little easier. we are still waiting on residency and bank accounts and then we will get to buy a car. until then we have our taxi man and friends who help a ton. we have friends with 3 littles who takes us along to the sultan center. j takes the boys up stairs to grab a latte (and chocolate"crappacinos") and i explore with the little lady and reward her with a treat while their mom or dad loads up. saturdays (once or twice a month) also mean mani/pedis (for half the price). while j may have joined in the states on occasion, he can't do that here...unless he goes to a male only saloon. no thanks. hah

community is everything here. it is a part of the culture, one part that i really really love. sometimes life in the states feels so rushed. even though we still have (very) full-time jobs here there is so much space to know and be known by others. tonight we have a family night at cheesecake factory off gulf road (aka on the water). i mean... you know, we have it really tough.

it does get hard knowing loved ones are so far away. whatsapp and the internet do help, but i know when june rolls around i'm going to melt in the hugs and company of family+friends.
there are a ton of things i miss about the states, target...trader joes... i'll give you a full list eventually, but i am learning to love and appreciate my life here. we are one tree away from a fully decorated little home. we will share our little house with you soon. we are in to the swing of things as teachers. we love our community and the way they live out their lives fully and sure. we love the stories that come weekly of lives encountering truth and healing and love. this is the good life, i'm sure of it.

ps. we're going to egypt over christmas break. i mean, thanks Lord.

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